Bralettes and Bloomers

I wanted to make something sexy, yet comfortable, which makes the wearer really happy!  The bralette is made from 100% natural organic cotton, which is delicately yummy on your skin. The lace trim accentuates the curves, as the hand-made heirloom lace finishes the bodice of beautifully.

It’s perfect as a camisole under a blouse, or as a crop top in the summer.

The straps are adjustable to 3 different sizes with a lovely button, and the back is elasticated for extra fir and comfort.



Organic cotton bralette


★★★★★ “The material is super soft and comfy, far nicer than any other material I have, and the design is simply gorgeous! Both bralette and pants are so comfy I could happily wear them all the time (plus the bralette totally doubles as a cute summer belly top!). They feel strong, and durably made, but not at all harsh. If you like comfort and style then get yoself a set!” Lucy Jones

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