Brush-Painting Classes

Whether you are looking for a new creative outlet, a way to relax, or you want to learn a new art form, brush painting is a therapeutic enjoyable art practice that anyone one can learn.  With a little practice and patience you’ll be creating your own stunning paintings you’ll be  proud of, building  your confidence, whilst appreciating the beauty of nature.

Brush painted cherry blossoms
Brush painted cherry blossoms

Alyssa began to learn the art of Chinese Brush painting in 2002, trained with a Master Brush Painter, and has adapted this ancient tradition towards her own style using different forms such as  rice and silk paper, ceramics, mounting on glass  and most recently, textiles.

Traditional Chinese Brush Painting is a technique of painting which creates light, shadow, and depth of colour, in one fell stroke. Using the design principles of simplicity, wabi-sabi, asymmetry, and the energy of ‘Chi’ you can learn a new way to see and portray nature.

By sharing the skills I’ve learnt, I hope to open new creative window in others, building their creative confidence, so that they will appreciate this beautiful art form by continuing the traditions which has been practiced for thousands of years.


Brush painted poppies
Brush painted poppies


This is a one day class in which to explore the philosophy of Traditional Brush Painting and introduce you to the techniques used to create beautiful life paintings with just a few brush stokes.

You will learn to paint simple designs that a well-balanced and beautiful.

We will explore the 4 different brush strokes, called the seasons using ink and water to create some beautiful works of art you can happily display on your fridge at home.

This is a great idea for group of ladies on a hen do/stegette, birthdays, or for just the fun of it.

  •  450k vnd each 1-4 people
  • 300k vnd each 4-8 people
  • all materials included.
  •  A bespoke package can be tailored to suit your wants.

I live in Theo Dien, District 2, and would be happy to host classes in my studio with nibbles and drinks for an extra charge, I love baking and make a mean banana bread.

Brush painted yellow poppies
Brush painted yellow poppies


This is a 6 week course, which by the end, you will be able to paint some beautiful images to be proud of.  It’s designed to leave you feeling confident in your abilities to create beautiful images and designs, in your own way.

Classes will begin as soon as I have enough students, so please tell your friends, message me with interest and I will organize a group at a time which suits everyone.

I will introduce you to the history, philosophy, materials, and design aspects of brush painting.  We will practice the four seasons ( four brush strokes) using monochrome ink, and vivid water-colours, creating simple botanical paintings; Blossom, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum, Orchid.

You will learn two styles of painting:

  1. gong-bi“, meaning “meticulous” using detailed brush strokes
  2. xie yi” meaning freehand
  • 300k vnd per 2hr class min. 4 students
  • private lessons available
  •  You will be expected to buy all your own materials which you will need for personal practice at home.
  •  Full painting kits will be for sale $30 each including two brushed, ink block & stone, two types of rice paper, and water-colour sets.

Following the completion of the beginners class, if they’d like to carry on, I will introduce students to painting on other mediums, such as fabric.